What to Expect

Direct Supervision

All the practicing specialists at South Dade Neonatology have had extensive experience and specialized training to ensure that your baby receives the entire scope of unparalleled service through a multidisciplinary plan. Each morning as the team conducts its rounds, each patient’s case is discussed in detail. Your baby will always be under the direct supervision of a neonatologist at all times, night and day.

Fostering Bonding

What to Expect

We encourage parents to spend as much time as they want or need to with their baby at bedside. Still, because our primary focus is your baby, we implement appropriate noise level, activity level and health policies to protect your baby’s progress.

Your baby’s health plan will take into account the needs of other family members to include them in the process at an appropriate pace. All family members must be screened before entering, and must adhere to the hospital’s policies.

Among the small buzzes, beeps and mazes of tubes, parents may feel a little detached and lost. The purpose of all this equipment is to help monitor your baby’s vital functions such as heart rate, breathing and body temperature. We monitor your baby 24 hours a day. When an alarm sounds, it simply means we need to adjust something, not that the baby is necessarily in danger. Please feel free to ask questions at any time.

Breast milk is the number one recommended source of nutrition for your baby because it contains antibodies that fight infection. That said, babies cannot coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing until they are typically 32 or 33 weeks old, when they begin to suck their thumb in the womb. Individualized plans for feeding will always take into account both the mother and child.

At South Dade Neonatology, active plans are in place to foster bonding between infant and parents in a safe, stress-free environment.

Time for Baby to Go Home

The happy moment finally arrives where your baby is able to maintain his body temperature in an open crib at room temperature with light clothing and a blanket, and shows a steady weight gain through taking in breastmilk or formula, or is officially off the cardio-respiratory monitor, and has passed all the newborn tests.

We will be available to you by checking in periodically during your transition. You are considered part of our South Dade Neonatology family, and can count on us for support long after your baby has been discharged.