What is "Family-Centered" Care?

What is "Family-Centered" CareFamily-centered care is the hallmark of the South Dade Neonatology group because more and more research reveals that NICUs which provide support to the whole family are more successful in treating the individual child. According to a report from Neonatology Today www.neonatologytoday.net and the Journal of Perinatology www.nature.com/jp/, because the parents are the baby’s main source of support, a family-centered approach has become a standard of care in NICUs. This philosophy incorporates collaboration between parents and neonatologists fostering a mutual trust and respect by a mutual delivery of information in the best interest of the baby. This collaboration empowers the parents because they feel better informed and a part of the process, who then identify with the whole treatment plan for the duration and are better able to manage their lives around it. This philosophy has also been credited with enhanced parent-infant bonding, improved well-being of the baby and increased healing time, and better mental health outcomes for the family.

South Dade Neonatology will be there for your family throughout the process and long after your baby has recovered and gone home. We hope you will make us a part of your family!

What is "Family-Centered" Care