Dr. Jorge Luaces

Institute of Medical Sciences, Pinar del Rio, Cuba
San Juan City Hospital, Puerto Rico
Turcios Lima Polyclinic, Pinar del Rio, Cuba - Family Practice
San Juan City Hospital, Puerto Rico - Pediatric
San Juan City Hospital, Puerto Rico
board certification
years in practice


Dr. Jorge Luaces began as a Family Practice resident which peaked his interest to pursue a career in the field of Pediatrics. His community hospital based residency allowed him to obtain special training in a broad spectrum of diseases and problems affecting the human population from birth to adulthood. His research includes 'Incidence of breast cancer in Turcios Lima polyclinic' along with  'Risk Factors and Pregnancy in Adolescence.' He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Luaces thoroughly enjoys practicing Pediatrics in the South Florida area.  He finds great personal reward in being able to follow the child for many years and observe the different stages of life that a child will experience. Being based in Miami, Florida allows his private practice to expose him to an international population. His reputation extends into the international arena while he services many children from other countries.  Dr. Luaces is both a patient advocate and finds that making a difference in the lives of the little people who cannot speak for themselves brings him much personal reward and satisfaction. He is married to a fellow Pediatrician and enjoys spending time with his family.


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