Welcome to South Dade Neonatology

The South Dade Neonatology is a group of uniquely talented and dedicated neonatologists, pediatricians, neonatal nurse practitioners and ancillary services in South Florida specializing in easing the transition of medical care of pre-term newborns or babies with other neonatal issues.

Characterized by a spirit of innovation, expertise and compassion reflected throughout its mission of family-centered care, the South Dade Neonatology group provides exceptional, individualized support. Our team sets the standard in multidisciplinary neonatal care in South Florida throughout five locations.

South Dade Neonatology excels when it comes to enhancing the lives of newborns in need of perinatal-neonatal care and the families that love them.

"The care Andres received from  SDN was top notch. Thanks to this exceptional group of neonatologists we have a healthy, mischievous, sweet little boy who fills our heart with love and brightens up our everyday."
- Jennifer and Carlos

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